5 Plumbing Tools You Must Have In Your Home

plumbing tools

You surely want to prepare for plumbing tools in order to be prepared for uncertain emergency needs in Auckland. You should not only carry the emergency contacts of Plumbers North Shore Auckland or trusted people along with you, but you should also possess essential tools with you in your house. There are five vital tools which can be a life saver thus highly recommended to be purchased.

Tape If No Plumbers Nearby

This little miracle item must never be ignored. Duct tape may seem just any other fix but this tool has a great value when one needs emergency fixes. It can easily create a seal in any leaking area thus preventing the flow of unnecessary water.   It is a temporary solution which will help you a great deal unless you contact an experienced emergency plumber north shore Auckland like KD Plumbing to your home. It is not only used to fix a gap for water leakage, but it provides other useful purposes in daily home tasks.  You must have this quick fix with no hole of doubt in your house.

An Adjustable Wrench

This adjustable wrench, like a pipe wrench, can be used for loosening or tightening bolts or nuts of any type. It is multipurpose, unlike the pipe wrench. It can not only leak faulty pipes but can solve several plumbing problems which may knock your door any time.

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Auger With A Snake

The two tools work together and are mainly used for draining clog. These are many efficient tools than your any average plumber. Even any average emergency plumber north shore Auckland won’t be able to handle clogged up sink better than these tools. You can pull out the clog through these tools your toilet. Snake can be used for showers and tub as well in Auckland.

A Pipe Wrench

The main use of buying a pipe wrench is to alter the way anything is fixed. With your preference, you can go for tightening or loosening. It comes with a metal handle that has two protrudences which you can adjust. This tool is very handy if you want to replace anything or completely remove from its position. You will surely need this tool to perform such a task one day or the other.

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A Plunger

You surely want to get this tool in no time. All you need to know is there come two types of Plungers namely flange and cup plunger. If you feel the need of cleaning the clogged sinks or tubs then you should surely own a cup plunger. Whereas the flange plunger best suits toilets. They come with soft rubber which extends out of the cup. This soft flange is an additional component which works best on curved surfaces. With time to time, you will feel the need of owning both of them rather than just one of them. A plunger is a must-have item in any washroom. You surely not want an overflowing water this take the aid of plunger to avoid such an untidy situation.


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