How To Take Care Of Hot Water Cylinders In Winter Season

The steps mentioned below will surely help you in keeping your cylinders well maintained in winters of New Zealand.

Get them Flushed

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Everything from a glass to hot water cylinders needs a proper maintenance. If you never wash or rinse even a small thing like a glass then you will eventually notice sediments building up which will be harder to take off later, which is surely not a pleasant experience. Similarly, your hot water cylinders also need a maintenance, natural deposition of sediments can cause a sediment to build up a layer deep down in the cylinder. Sediments not only reduce efficiency but mounts up your bill every month. Flushing out your hot water tank is the vital step to religiously perform each year. This is just the simple step which you can surely do by yourself in New Zealand. Get your heat water to be turned off, get it cooled, fix a hose in the valve of drainage then finally let water to drain out in your yard or any open space. Always open a hot water cylinder faucet the moment you drain the tank. If you think that it is not your cup of tea then get a professional help in New Zealand.

Inspect the Anode Rod

If you look out for sediment deposition then you should also look for an anode rod. Th use of the rod is to accumulate the materials which corrode away. Anode rod acts as a magnet and attracts the side material of your hot water cylinder tank.  Anode rod usually breaks down as attracting the materials constantly is a tough call. Get your rod checked every year,

Insulate Older Tanks

Newer tanks are way more efficient than Older ones thus unlike older tanks they don’t lose heat. Its hard for the older ones to hold the heat for longer and especially in the winter season, it is way more hard to get retain heat.  Old tanks are after all old, you need to realize the fact as soon as possible. I hope you won’t like to suffer in cold season, so faster insulation is better for your own ease. Get a fiberglass insulation for your old tank if you want a pleasant morning bath. You can also get a pipe insulation as it covers all the exposed areas.

Check the Pressure Release Valve

If you would not want your cylinder to burst in winter then you need to release the pressure of it. Kifting the lever on the top many times in a go and inspecting for any leaks will do the job. You have to hear the faint sound from water when opening or else it is a time for the replacement to be done immediately.

Get the cylinder de-scaled

Get your hot water cylinder de-scaled to avoid any inefficiency by the accumulation of calcium deposits. Always set the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit as this is the ideal temperature of the heater to get set.


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