Beginners Guide To Buying Used Cars


If you’re looking for a used car and have no idea where to begin, here is a beginner’s guide to help you start. Most of us are aware that a used car doesn’t rip you off, in fact it saves you thousands over a new car. But many people have varying opinions when it comes to buying their own car. So it is important to do some basic research and see what fits your criteria. Below mentioned are the basic steps:

Know Your Budget (Obviously)

Determine the amount which could be put realistically towards a car. After that, look carefully for the right model and features, what you can have depends entirely on what you can afford. If the car requires financing, then estimate the expenses per month you’ll need to spare for the car.

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What To Look For In The Used Car?

Consider some basic factors like: brand, model, year and some other crucial factors. Your priority should be picking a reliable brand with a good reputation. Then pick according to requirements: do you need a car that looks stylish? Or you need it for a big family? Or are you just looking for good resale value?

If you manage to pick a model according to your requirements, do your market research. See what the market value is of that model and compare prices online. Also, keep in mind the model’s scores for reliability, safety etc.

Find The Car With An Acceptable Mileage And Be Sure Of The History

Newer cars are more likely to survive longer than old cars. Older car have more miles, thus it is expected to sink more money in to maintenance.  Older cars can go max up to 150,000 miles while newer cars can go up to 200,000 to 300,000 miles. Apart from that, a clean history plays a big role in the purchase. Number of accidents or the number of owners, along with the previous location of the car, provides a wealth of information during the purchase.

Taking Care Of Insurance

Take care of the car insurance before taking up ownership. This is due to the reason if anything happens to the car, it shall be your responsibility. If you intend to buy from a dealer, you could ask if it comes with insurance. They may get you covered for a week, dealer usually includes this. If not, you need to arrange it yourself before taking up ownership.

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